DIY: Last-Minute Magazine Magic


I had a bunch of old magazines lying about that needed to be tossed, so I decided to recycle the pages by using them for some last-minute holiday decorations. I rather like the results so I thought I would share them.



Magazine pages (I chose ones with patterns or colors that were fun or interesting)


Glue Stick





To make the bows:

Cut out squares of various sizes from your selected magazine pages using the pencil and ruler to measure.

Then use this tutorial from Let’s create to make the bows. For those of you who have not done folding or origami before, this tutorial is quite simple and does not require previous experience. You can also use origami paper, construction paper etc.

Here are a few of my finished bows:


I stapled the bows to a length of yarn to create a garland, but you can also use hot glue if you like.


I strung my garland in three segments on a blank wall in our living room, but you can use it on your tree, across an entryway, along a banister, or where ever you think it will look good.


If you are looking for quick gift wrapping ideas, these bows look fantastic on packages especially when paired with simple brown or butcher paper, or even colored tissues. I will try to post some pictures of my gift wrapping experiments tomorrow.

I am also dying to try painting the smaller bows with polycrylic (easily found at hardware stores) to harden them into durable ornaments. If this works out I will be posting the tutorial soon!

To make the fir trees:

This tutorial is quite a bit harder than the bow tutorial, but it is definitely still manageable with a bit of patience. I had been looking for a pretty paper tree pattern for a few days when I stumbled across this great tutorial from Happy Folding. I started with the paper sizes suggested in the tutorial for the smaller tree, but I used larger size paper for the next one. Since I couldn’t get a 12 inch square from a magazine page, I used glue stick to stick a couple of pages together, and then cut my squares from that. It held up surprisingly well throughout the folding process. Again, if you would rather not use magazine pages, the tree can be made from any other paper you have on hand. If you only have white printer paper, I think they would look great with some glue around the boughs with glitter sprinkled on it. I will be trying this idea soon!


I absolutely love the way the trees turned out! I cut some curves into a piece of blue construction paper to make a base for the scene, and added a bit of wool roving to create the effect of snow. If you are interested in making the cute little reindeer, I found a good video tutorial from Daily Origami.

The reindeer is not too hard to make especially if you have some folding or origami experience.

If you have any questions about any of the tutorials please feel free to leave them in the comment box of this post.

Have fun creating your own recycled magazine decorations and happy holidays!




2 thoughts on “DIY: Last-Minute Magazine Magic

  1. Lauren

    Those bows came out great. I have a tutorial pinned, but assumed they were too difficult! Now that I see how nice they came out, I think I’ll give it a shot.

    1. Lily Post author

      Thank you! And yes you totally should! They were much easier than I thought, and I had a great time picking out pages to use.



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