DIY: Restyled Skirt


Here is a tutorial for a simple restyled skirt just in time for Valentines day!

I had a red dress left over from my Halloween costume that I knew I would never wear again, so I decided to turn it into cute skirt. You can use any dress with a nice skirt and a bodice that has some stretch.


Old dress Matching or contrasting thread
Straight pins
Sewing machine or sewing needle


First cut the top off your dress leaving the bodice fabric twice as wide as you want the waist band to be. For example, I started with 4 inches of fabric for a 2 inch waistband. Here is what I started with:


Turn the skirt inside out and begin pinning the hem.


If you have a skirt with a thick seam where the skirt is sewn to the bodice like mine is above, there is a way to fix the unflattering bulkiness it creates! Instead of sewing a normal seam along the waistband, fold the bodice fabric completely in half, nestling the raw edge of the fabric under the bulky seam. Slide your pins through the seam as you pin your skirt so that it looks like this:


This will keep the skirt from sticking out awkwardly below the waistband.

Next, sew along your chosen hem line using small stitches. I used a sewing machine set to a small zig-zag stitch. For those of you who are slimming a bulky seam, using zig-zag stitch along the very edge of the seam is the best way to ensure that you will have a good clean hem.


Take your time while you stitch so that the hem turns out clean and even. Then remove the pins and turn your skirt right side out. It should look this:


Now for the fun part!

Try it on and admire your work.


I added a belt I refashioned from a necklace, a vintage blouse, and some heeled oxfords.

IMG_2364_2     IMG_2390

This would be fun to do with nicely printed but not so flattering dresses from the thrift store or dresses you no longer wear.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!




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